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“The Story of Ra, the Lion” VR360 is a special artistic production, with a unique concept that makes it difficult to fit it into a single genre, being not a simple theater show, not a simple concert. “The Story of Ra, the Lion” is rather a mix of original musical composition, directing art, narrative art, voice, combined with techniques of editing, filming, animation and processing of sounds, photos and images of the latest generation.


"New Dimension" - live

Album produced by 4fun


Ineffable – Regián Réka Kata voice & flute; Lukács Márton Örs keyboards; Szereceán Tihamér: bass, synth bass; Szereceán Osszián: drums 

A project financed by 4fun, Borsec City hall & Harmopan.

The new theatrical production is a postmodern approach to the play by the famous playwright. Both the costumes and the decor are brought up to date, but retain a number of elements that suggest the style of the Victorian era. In addition, the director has remained true to the original text, which makes the editing a successful combination of new and old.

The show is segmented into 13 episodes.


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