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The Little Prince

Starting from the musical theater show, “The Little Prince”, mounted on the TMVS stage in 2022, by the director and composer Cari Tibor, this variant is an adaptation in VR360 ideal to highlight all the multimedia tools used in the show. The direction and the original libretto are signed by Cari Tibor who declares that this production is an extremely personal one in which he tried to include all his experience and inspiration.

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Richard III

The new theatrical production is a postmodern approach to the play by the famous playwright. Both the costumes and the decor are brought up to date, but retain a number of elements that suggest the style of the Victorian era. In addition, the director has remained true to the original text, which makes the editing a successful combination of new and old.

The show is segmented into 13 episodes.


The story of

Lion RA

“The Story of Ra, the Lion” VR360 is a special artistic production, with a unique concept that makes it difficult to fit it into a single genre, being not a simple theater show, not a simple concert. “The Story of Ra, the Lion” is rather a mix of original musical composition, directing art, narrative art, voice, combined with techniques of editing, filming, animation and processing of sounds, photos and images of the latest generation.

The show is segmented into 13 episodes.

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The VR360 concert of the album release INEFFABLE - NEW DIMENSION, available starting 21st of August 21, 2021, 19:00.



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